Examples of application of TOYO Submersible Agitator Sand Pumps

Following movies are the examples of TOYO Submersible Agitator Sand Pump suitable for various applications. The selection of pump models is important for efficiency of operation, safety and economy.

  • DPF-20B

    Drainage system in steel mill with TOYO DP-20B.

  • DPF-30

    TOYO DPF-30 is pumping up muddy water.

  • DPF-50B

    TOYO DPF-50B in sedimentation basin.

  • DPF

    TOYO DPF pump with jet nozzle for dredging of seabed.

  • DP-150B

    TOYO DP-150B for pumping up sand and gravels.

  • DP-150B

    TOYO DP-150B is pumping up muddy water in a waterway.

  • DP-150B

    TOYO DP-150B used for dredging in a dam.

  • DP-400-12A

    Sea sand collection by TOYO DP-400-12A.


TOYO GR-15 in a steel mill in Turkey.

  • DP-900-16A

    TOYO DP-900-16A used for sea sand collection in Vietnam.

  • DP

    Dredging sand on on seabed

  • DPF

    Dredging sea bed by submersible backhoe